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The crypto industry moves fast - even if you devoted all your time to keeping up with the latest news headlines, you’d still need to spend time unpacking the economic, political, legal and technical complexities of those stories to validate their worth.

This industry is filled with sensationalized headlines, shills, FUD and fluff - and that’s where this newsletter comes into play. Written by industry veteran Adam Cochran, this newsletter aims to be an insightful editorial voice cutting through the clickbait.

In this weekly newsletter, Adam distills the weeks top crypto news stories from across the industry, focusing on macro-trends, impacts and significant technological changes. Rather that personal opinions or vague technical analysis, this newsletter focuses on providing editorial reporting on the real impact of changes in technology, adoption and legislation.

There is no better way to understand the true value of your investment, than to understanding its position in long-term adoption. If you want to be sure you have the latest REAL news in crypto, and want to cut through the hype - then subscribe today!

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Adam has been in the crypto industry since 2014, he is a moderator for major cryptocurrency communities, previously managed community & marketing at Dogecoin, was previously the Director of Marketing for a Canadian Bitcoin exchange and has consulted with dozens of major cryptocurrency brands and with traditional Fortune 500 brands on how to implement blockchains. He’s also lead initiatives surrounding policy and compliance in blockchain trading including representing one of the first international crypto exchanges to ever legally offer services in the US.

Adam brings his diverse background in tech, policy and crypto to help dig deep into the news that matters to investors.

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Zilch. Natta. Zero. The big goose egg!

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